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We all have dreams. Some people dream of growing up and writing the next big novel, while others dream of bringing those tales to life on the big screen. Yet everyone has to start somewhere, and that means one must work to achieve their dreams.

So you want to break into the world of acting but don’t quite know where to start? There are plenty of essential tips and techniques you can begin to implement – right now – to give yourself the best shot possible.

Study, Study, Study

To make it in any industry, you have to know and understand that. That applies to acting as well. You can start small by reading online articles and going out and picking up some great introductory books. Acting In London has an excellent list of where to get started

The next step should be reaching out and joining an acting school. Or even going to various acting classes as you can manage it. Acting workshops are another vital element when it comes to studying and training.

Build Your Resume

It’s essential to, even when just starting that you begin building your resume. Keep track of any projects that you’re involved in, anything that can show that you’ve been working at becoming an experienced actor.

In a similar vein, set some time aside to take some professional headshots. Emphasis on professional, getting sharp-looking headshots is a vital part of an actor’s (or actress’s) resume.

With that advice in mind: don’t let the lack of a resume or headshot hold you back. If you don’t have headshots yet and haven’t had any gigs yet, don’t let that stop you from trying out. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

It’s tempting to pick up your life and dedicate your all to your craft. But don’t get too ahead of yourself. More importantly, don’t pick up your life right away – don’t rush off into a significant move.

There’s no point in denying the fact that major cities have the most career opportunities out there. However, they are also expensive and thus a risky move for anybody just starting. 

Eventually, you will possibly have to choose one of those cities and relocate. But until then, focus on the local jobs that are available to you. 


To get your name out in the acting world, you’re going to have to get used to trying out for auditions—a lot of them. Keep a weathered eye on student films, indie projects, local plays, anything and everything that could become a resume builder. 

Even the act of going through an audition itself is good practice for aspiring actors. You’ll get more used to the overall environment and experience of it all, which will help as they increase in demand as you work your way up the ladder. 

Proactivity Is Key

Related to the point above, beginning actors must be proactive. To get your name out there, you must get out there. Stay active, go to those auditions, join a drama club.

Even in a smaller community, there will be opportunities out there, especially if you’re keeping your eye open for them.

Stand Out

Honing your acting skills is, of course, an important use of your time. But it isn’t the only thing you should or could be doing right now. Other skills can help you stand out among a crowd, and it’s your job to find them.

Having a few acting specialties is one clear option available. Or you could work on other skills that would make you more useful when on set. Remember, the more valuable you can make yourself, the more marketable you are.


Last but not least, all aspiring actors have to get used to the idea of rejection. It happens. Every actor out there has gone through their fair share of rejections, and you will too. If you find yourself struggling, look through some of the lists of top celebrities, and then check out how many rejections they faced before making it big.