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It’s been just over 4 years since singer and songwriter Tom Petty left this mortal coil, and I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to harboring a one-way love/hate relationship with that man.  But I’ll be damned if he didn’t speak the clearest of truth’s on one specific occasion.  Waiting.  It truly is the hardest part.

I speak of the annual Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award ceremony.  The space of time between being nominated to the night of the awards gala is Seven full weeks.  That is half a season.  All of the other award spectacles are less, including the Oscars, the Primetime and Daytime Emmys, the Tony’s, Grammys, MTV music awards, the Raspberries, etc.  For those who end up winning a trophy, it’s an extended engagement carried gently over the threshold to a lifelong marriage.  But for those who end up losing, there is a forced “growing old gracefully” adage that applies but has no business whatsoever hanging into the crisp fall air.

Img 0819

Just before the other shoe dropped.

Yes, of course, it is an honor to be nominated.  As a cliche, or a trope, or a punchline, those words have deflated over the years to symbolize sourness or regret.  But I’m thrilled to be forever able to use this achievement in my bio, resume, CV, and in spray paint on various walls and works of art.

Img 0821

Pry this Non Fungible Token from my cold dead thumb drive.

BUT.  Those Seven weeks.  Approaching the date of the awards, it took on the semblance of a stairway to glory, but in retrospect, it became an elevator clipping its cable at the top of a skyscraper, taking 49 days to plummet to earth at terminal velocity.  Free Fallin’, if you will.  Waiting for that lobby level, it really was the hardest part.  RIP Tom.

So in the spirit of finding a silver lining in all of this, silver being the operative word, I’m thrilled to announce the following:  The astute and adept professionals at the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts have recognized my writing skills used for Hindsight 2021 and awarded me the W3 Silver Award for Best Copywriting.   No, its not the same thing as an Emmy, and this trophy is not an angel holding up a globe for the world to admire.  It’s kind of like three boxes stacked irregularly on top of a base, kind of a salute to the game Jenga.


Squint hard enough, and it could, in fact, be mistaken for an Emmy.

Below is the episode that snagged me the Silver, airing simultaneously on the Hindsight 2021 Youtube page and on the DB&A Television Network on April 5, 2021.  As for the Emmys, there’s always next year, and just like this year, I Won’t Back Down!