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Netflix always has shows that are worthy of binge watching, and right now is not different. Whether you are looking for family shows, horror, drama, or crime, you can find it on this streaming platform. 

  1. Feel Good

In this show, Mae is a recovering addict and a comic, and she works to control her addictions and relationships, but she has trouble thanks to her new girlfriend, George. Critics call this show charming, complex, and worth watching. 

  1. The Baby-Sitters Club

In this show, a group of friends form a Baby-Sitters Club. You will enjoy following them through their lives with school, clubs, love, and family. It portrays issues that teens face today, and it shows how these teens grow up and learn the lessons of life. 

  1. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

This is a cult classic show, and it has Jonah Heston, who has to get through a group of terrible movies forced upon him by evil scientists. He watches these films with robots, and they make jokes throughout the action. 

  1. Dash & Lily

This show has Dash and Lily passing their desires, dreams, and dares to each other through a notebook that they leave in different locations in New York City. It has plenty of holiday magic as it is a Christmas romance. 

  1. Ugly Delicious

This show features chef David Chang who travels around the world to different culinary hot spots. You will see different artists, writers, activists, and chefs who share a love of food. You will enjoy guest stars that include Jimmy Kimmel and comic Nick Kroll, as well as writer Peter Meehan. 

  1. Giri/Haji

This show is set in London and Tokyo, and the title translates to Duty/Shame. It features a detective from Tokyo named Kenzo Mori, and he travels through London’s underground crime scene to find his brother Yuto. 

  1. Immigration Nation

This series examines issues surrounding immigration in the United States, and it shows ICE operations as well as moving portraits of the immigrants involved. 

  1. Dirty Money

This is a docu series that shows scandals and corruption in businesses. They show corporate greed at its worst and have firsthand accounts of these activities by people who committed the acts as well as their victims.