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There are millions who have aspirations of becoming a famous actor. Though the vast majority of those people will not become famous, it is possible to carve out a successful career.

Part of doing so means having a quality acting portfolio to draw on. If you are wondering how to create an effective acting portfolio, here is your guide to doing so.

Include Your Best Reel

Part of creating a portfolio means having an acting reel that can demonstrate just what you are capable of doing. The demo reel is your chance to convey those skills in a real and effective way to potential casting directors.

Make sure to only include work that is high quality and stuff that you are proud of. Bringing in someone with editing experience can be a great way to make it look and feel as professional as possible from start to finish.

Headshots Are Crucial

One of the must-haves for any portfolio is the headshot. Without them, there isn’t a chance of getting audition calls. Headshots should be of the utmost quality, so take the time to find a photographer that specializes in actor headshots.

With an online portfolio, there is the capability of adding multiple shots. A few different shots, as well as action shots, can be a great way to highlight your performances. It also lends a certain level of depth to your portfolio that would not otherwise exist.

Have a Resume

While it is important to have a reel and some quality headshots, you need to have a resume that details your past gigs. Point out any types of roles, skills, training, and other pertinent details that could help in landing the next role.

Think of an acting resume the same way you would a normal resume. It has to demonstrate what you can do and grab the attention of the person reviewing it quickly. Organize it with the most relevant experience first and cite different types of roles that you have had.