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If you want to start making podcasts, you will want the best gear. Podcasts have become popular, and it is easy to make them. You don’t need professional level equipment to produce a quality podcast. However, you do need a few things to get started. 


One of the most important pieces of equipment you need is a microphone. You can’t capture the high-quality sound you need with the built-in mic on your laptop, so you have to buy an external microphone. You will want to keep your mouth close to the mic to produce quality audio, but a good mic will eliminate the noise in the room. Find one that is good quality and portable so you can take it with you. 


If you plan to set up a place where you make your podcasts, you will want a small stand to fit on a table. You can also get a handheld option, but you need to be careful of noise from handling it. When you move the mic around, you can pick up motion noise. You can find a foldable tripod stand for your mic, and it will clip the mic in. 


Next, you should consider the recorder you will use to capture the audio you create. There is a company called Zoom that makes different portable recorders with XLR inputs, and you can find the model to accommodate your needs. 


Next, you will need accessories to get everything connected. You will need several different items. First, you should look at XLR audio cords to connect your microphone to your recorder. You should also consider getting a case to protect your recorder. That will keep it safe if you throw it in your bag. Zoom recorders store your audio on an SD card, so you will want to get a few of them. It is recommended that you use a card that is no larger than 8GB or 16GB because it will take longer for the Zoom to load them. Make sure you have rechargeable batteries so that you don’t run out of power when you are recording. Finally, get a great pair of headphones to monitor your podcast while you record it.