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There are certain films that stand out more than others and eventually become timeless classics. Despite the countless amount of movies out there, critics have been able to narrow down the top 10 movies of all time. 

  1. Moonlight 

Critics have said that this movie is “a piece of art” that will forever impact the lives of those who have seen it even long after the fact. 

  1. Singin’ in the Rain

Despite being released in 1952, this classic is one that is said to “satirizes the illusions of the filmmaking process while celebrating their life-affirming joy.”

  1. Boyhood 

This movie is said to do an outstanding job of “channeling the flow of real life.”

  1. Casablanca

Released in 1943, Casablanca continues to be a fan-favorite even to this day. In fact, the dialogue in the movie is said to be so spare that it is still relevant to this day. 

  1. Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock did it again in 1954’s Rear Window. Critics say that Hitchcock is always in masterly control of his material: script, camera, cutting, props, and more. 

  1. The Godfather

This is yet another classic that has received an almost perfect score from critics. According to critics “it traces the arc of this doomed idealism with a beauty that is still fresh.”

  1. Intolerance

Originally released in 1916, this movie is thrilling and has incredible special effects. It is best known for the use of closeups to accentuate the “tragic grandeur of historical cataclysm.”

  1. Pinocchio

This classic animated Disney film is enjoyable for both kids and adults and is said to “shimmer with the energy of young artists reveling in their newly discovered powers of creation.”

  1. Pan’s Labyrinth

Despite being slightly terrifying, this movie is said to be “a rich, daring mix of fantasy and politics.”

  1. Some Like it Hot

A movie hilariously ahead of its time, critics say “you might not believe that anything can make you laugh so hard for so long.”