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There are a lot of podcasts out there. No matter what subject or topic you can think of, there are probably at least a dozen podcasts covering it.

So, when it comes to the world of the entertainment industry, there are a few podcasts that are worth tuning into. Here are some of the best around.

The Business

Set in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, this podcast comes weekly. It features not only in-depth news about the industry, but also great interviews with writers, actors, producers, and directors.

Hosted by Kim Masters, the award-winning journalist from the Hollywood Reporter, it is a great look into the industry in digestible half-hour bites each week.

Business of Entertainment

Lata Jha hosts the show, taking you through some of the more interesting financials of the entertainment world covering movies and shows, streaming platforms, and more.

The best part is that this podcast is in extremely digestible bites. With one four-minute episode each week, you can learn about the industry quickly without having to take up too much of your day in the process.

Crew Call with Anthony D’Alessandro

These are a bit rarer at just five episodes per quarter, but the 30-minute podcast featuring Anthony D’Alessandro is a hit. It is a Deadline podcast that features some of the deepest interviews in the industry.

Writers, directors, producers, and actors are all a part of the show, providing insight to the industry in ways that you may not have considered before.


Set in New York for a change, this is the official podcast of FilmBook. Journalist Chris Banks, who is a film and TV critic as well as an entertainment industry journalist, takes a look at the latest in both movies and television as well as some upcoming projects.

At just under 20 minutes in length, these once-a-week episodes are a great way to get the news about the industry that you have been looking for without feeling inundated by unnecessary small talk.